descente de l'ardeche en canoe
Le Pont d'arc

L'Ardeche en canoe, descente des gorges de l'ardeche

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Aventure Canoës offer you the descent of the " Gorges de l'Ardèche " by canoe or kayak. This protected site classified as a natural reserve, reachable only by canoe or by hiking, give to the visitor an unforgettable sight of beauty…

After the Pont d'Arc, a majestic natural arch of 60 meters high, nearby the " Caverne du Pont d'Arc ",
The Ardèche step into the deep gorges surrounded by cliffs reaching 300 meters in height and shape meander interspersed with numerous rapids. These are 32 km of wilderness to discover all along the river : Beaver, Wild Boar, Badger, Bonelli Eagle, Wild Goat and many others animals share this protected area.

The descent of the " Gorges de l'Ardèche " in canoes kayaks. The descent of Ardèche river.
The descent in canoe. Canoe in Ardèche.

Those trips open to everyone, do not present any difficulties, it is enough to know how to swim and to have more than 7 years old.

From Easter untill the end of September we organize trips with canoe or kayak of 8km, 13,5km, 24km, 32km, on half a day, 1 day and 2 days and more with bivouac. Plan cold meal and barbecues ( Barbecues are available in 2 bivouac areas ) and drink, a sleeping bag and a small tent if you spend the night in the gorges. Camping and barbecues are allowed in bivouac areas but alcohol is prohibited since 2010 !

During the summer, the best outfit to practise canoeing or kayaking is shorts or swimsuit and water shoes holding up well. Don't forget to apply sunscreen.
Off season : wool sweater, windbreaker, tennis shoes or sneakers, neoprene suit and booties. Think up of cord bezel. A cap is not too much especially for children.

Think up a bottle of water per personne at least for the descent of the Ardeche.
Possibility to get some water on the two bivouac areas.

1 / Mini Trip : Journey of 8km. Starting point from our jetty with canoe or kayak to arrive at Châmes 1h30mn lowest, with a passage under the Pont d'Arc. Journey including some rapids without any big difficulties. We fix the hour of your return trip when you start. ( without time restrictions ). Departure maximum untill 4.00pm and 5.00pm during the high season. You can swim all along the descent.

2 / Maxi-mini Trip : Journey of 13km. We bring you by minibus to the starting point located 5km upriver of our jetty and arrival in Châmes 8km down-river of our jetty.
The first is quiet without any rapids and perfect to get accustomed to your craft. Slides adapted for canoes and kayaks for the passage of the dykes. The second part is the mini journey. People who are not feeling comfortable can stop to our jetty. The first departure is at 10.30am with an arrival at 3pm minimum and the second departure is at 1.30pm with an arrival at 6.00pm. You can stop to swim all along the descent (the return can be staggered ). Plan to arrive 15 minutes before the departure.

3 / 24km Journey. Departure from our jetty between 8.30am and 9.30am by minibus up to Châmes. There you settled into your canoe or kayak for 5 hours of navigation in the Ardèche Gorges. You will go through all this gorgeous natural reserve.
The arrival is schedule in Sauze at 4.00pm or 5.00pm.

4 / 32km Journey. Departure from our jetty in canoe or in kayak. Those are the mini descent and the 24km journey add up. It is approximately 7 hours by canoe or kayak.
Physically the most challenging of all descents. So a good physical condition is requiered ! You must start between 8.00am and 8.30am. Passing under the Pont d'Arc through the nature reserve. Arrival to Sauze at 4.00pm or 5.00pm.

5 / 32km Journey « Bivouac Formula » in 2 days. Departure from our jetty between 10.00am and 12.00pm with your canoe or your kayak. Stop to spend the night at Gaud or Gournier bivouac. Toilets and shower are at your disposal. There are also barbecues and wood coal. You must bring your own camping equipment, sleeping bag, and your food. Reservation of the seats at Syndicat de Gestion de Gorges de l'Ardèche. Possibility to reserve seats in marabout ( collective tent for 20 persons) to do with the Bivouac Central of Reservation at 04 75 88 00 41 or .

6 / 32km Journey « Trekking Formula » in 2 days. Departure from our jetty around 10.00am. Stop in the middle of Ardèche gorges. Hiking to go up on a magnificent little path ( a bit steep ! ) for half an hour. From there web ring you to a « Farm Camping » booked through our system, where you settle for the night. Barbecue are at your disposal, swimming pool, a snack bar and a grocery. We take care of delivering your tents, sleeping material, food and drink at the campsite. The next day, after getting your canoes or kayaks, you perform the following descent.

7 / 32km « no overnight bivouac » in 2 days. Departure from our jetty with canoes or kayaks with a stop on the first day in Châmes and then the next day the rest of the descent or vice versa. No bivouac or camping in the gorges. Accommodation arranged and booked by yourself in advance for camping, lodging or hotel. The shuttle van to bring yoy in different place is included. Camping « Le Chauvieux » ( 04 75 88 05 37 )
and the municipal camping in Salavas are ideally placed nearby our jetty.

The time given do not include your breaks and vary depending on the physical condition of the person and the water level.

Services Aventure Canoës :

A rental canoes and kayaks fully equipped ( safety vest, paddles, waterproof containers )
With return by minibus to the starting point.

- a coaching by qualified instructor ( on request )
- a free introduction to canoeing
- a free parking on our jetty
- rental neoprene suit

Our beautiful jetty site is private ( for Aventure canoes customer ), shaded, along the Ardèche, it has a sandy beach. Picnic or pleasant time spent under the acacias before or after a trip of the Ardèche river.

Aventure Canoes and groups :
For your seminars or buisness trip, school trip, workshop, camps, club outings, associations or friends we offer the best rates for groups with a timetable for interesting discount.

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