descente de l'ardèche


Frequently asked questions about the Ardèche Gorges descent in canoe…

I can not swim, can i do the Ardèche Gorges descent in canoe ?

It is compulsory to know how to swim and to wear life jackets.

I have a two years old child, can i take him with me in the canoe ?

The Ardèche descent is forbidden for children under seven years old.

Is it possible to have our ten years old daughter aboard our canoe ?

It is possible to take a child between 7 and 10 in the canoe as a third passenger, exept for the 2 days descent with bivouac formula.

Is it compulsory to be accompanied by an approved instructor in the Ardèche Gorges ?

Aventure Canoës organizes the Ardèche descents with approved instructors, but most of the time for school and children groups, because it is not compulsory even not necessary to be accompanied by an instructor. You can do the descent by yourself with your family or a group of friends.

I would like to make the Ardèche descent in two days, do i have to bring my own tent and meals ?

You can sleep beneath the starts, but it is preferable to bring a small tent ( in case of thunderstorm ) and a sleeping bag ( nights can be fresh in the gorges ). It is necessary to bring all your meals because there is no possibility to restock in the gorges.

I would like to make wild camping, is it possible ?

Wild camping is forbidden, exept in Gournier and Gaud's bivouac areas.

Have you got an enclosed car park for motorbikes ?

We have got an enclosed car park for your motorbike, while you go down the Ardèche in canoe.

It is possible to take a short trip because we only stay three hours (because we stop on the way between Marseille and Clermont Ferrand) ?

If you have only three hours to make canoe or kayak, you can make the mini descent of 8 km between Vallon Pont d'Arc and Châmes, with a passage under the Pont d'Arc.
It is possible to start this descent at any hours of the day.

Is it difficult to canoeing ?

The descent of the Ardèche Gorges in canoe does not require great skill. This trip is open to everybody, it is necessary to know how to swim.

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