descente de l'ardeche en canoes


New governmental regulation
Limitation of the bivouac areas frequentation

A governmental regulation is applied to limit the frequentation in the bivouac areas for some dates (Red nights). Those red nights are defined by the Syndicat de Gestion des Gorges de l'Ardèche ( Central of reservation).

To know this dates : Syndicat de Gestion des Gorges de l'Ardèche
If you want to do the 2 days descent of 32 km in canoe or kayak with a bivouac in the Ardèche Gorges during a red night, you have to book a long time early, depending on the availability.

The bivouac is charged and have to be booked and payed early directly to :
Syndicat de Gestion des Gorges de l'Ardèche. The number of places is very limited, the reservation is obligatory early, subject to availability.

If the period you choose is full and if you want to make the descent of the Ardèche by an other way, we offer you a descent in 2 days with those following formulas :

The 32 km descent « without bivouac »
Descent with stop in Châmes the first day (1.5 km after the Pont d'Arc)
The second part of the descent on the next day. A minibus will bring you at Châmes (the stopping point where you left your canoes the day before)
No bivouac in the Gorges. Accomodation for the night will be organized and booked early by yourself, in a camping, a cottage or an hotel.
Camping « Le Chauvieux » ( 04 75 88 05 37 )
and the municipal camping in Salavas ideally placed nearby our jetty, will host you and give you the possibility to make this 2 days formula to overcome the lack of places in the 2 bivouac situated in the Gorges.
Book here your camping

The trekking formula ( contact us for availability) will satisfy those who like hiking and who want to spend the night nearby the Gorges, by going down the river at your own pace with a hike of 30 minutes when you arrive on the first day ( at 1/3 of the descent) and when you start on the second day. You will spend the night in a Farm Camping, equipped with a snack bar, a swimming pool and a grocery, in the middle of a pin forest. We care about the transport of your personals effects.

An other solution is to avoid the busy days when the bivouac is full :
You can make the descent on friday/saturday or on sunday/monday.
You can also make the descent in April, May or during the week. (which is more pleasurable because there is less people)

In any case we advise you to reserve your descent in canoe or kayak early, as soon as possible !

Hours limits to start and enter in the natural reserve

Extract of the governmental decree N° 956 from July 7th 1999

Article 5

To ensure the safety of navigation, users must comply with the restrictions set out in the navigation following conditions:

- Circulation of boats prohibited the night in the Natural Reserve of the Ardèche Gorges.

- Access boats prohibited in the Natural Reserve of the Ardèche Gorges after 6.00 pm, unless it is linked to a navigation assistance measure or security.

- During peak periods and to not generate overcrowding, source of risk factor on the site, prohibiting access begins at 4.00pm during weekends and holidays joined to a weekend between the May 1 and June 30.

Because of this order, it is imperative to start before 1.00 pm the weekend and holidays joined to a weekend between May 25 and June 30 and before 3.00 pm for the other days of the season.

Since 2010, consumption of alcohol is prohibited in Gournier and Gaud bivouacs.